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oh, yeah. life

Dad was sent to the nursing home yesterday. It is a dump. I’ll make improvements to his space next week, but I know that we’ll be keeping him there only as long as it takes to get his title19 approved. I guess I will go visit him once the snow ends, and the roads open up. Right now though, I hope he does not get too combative with the aides, and he behaves. Yeah right. about as much chance of that happening as there is of this blizzard missing us. 

dawn breaking

The sky has been getting lighter for over an hour now.


I went to bed last night early, like way before 10pm. I was beat. Long day, shopping and making food. Had a good evening with Lauren at her house, I have passed the work on to her now.

IMG 1771

But I get a call from mom while I am enjoying my time with Lauren, dad and nurses called and he is having pain in his kidneys. Means a UTI of course, so that also means either a dr visit or god forbid, a hospital visit. Not what I need, or what I am going to do. I’ll do the Dr and lab, cuz that is a few hours. My heart cannot take the stress of a hospital visit. And I have work to do so I can get paid, and I have paperwork to get done for social services so I can get the state to cover my medical stuff. And it is all due next Monday. Sucks. But after tomorrow I am nose down to getting things done. I am no longer focusing on them, I am focusing on me.

I now refer to yesterday’s post.

I forgot about practice makes perfect. I guess I have to watch some videos on painting, techniques, and color blending of paint, so I can get the right colors. It will take time. Training. Patience. Work. But the goal is to have at least one painting that I would be proud enough to hang up in my home, by this time next year. I’ll just have to be patient.

Now to get going with this day, going to be busy and crazy and different. Dinner at Laurens now. She has the responsibility to do it. If I can get mom to it next year, I will. But for now, Lauren is it. She is actually welcoming it. Since she is sober, she can handle it.

Willow doing her hurricane chill

no more caffeine

I read that caffeine would be a good thing to stop if oe has high blood pressure. symptoms like what I have been going through. So I have. A few days ago, I had a couple honey stinger energy chews, the ones that I like the flavor, limeade, and they have caffeine. I had a couple episodes late that night, I had felt good up to then. This morning I woke and I have c up of coffee. Caffeine. I’ve been having episodes, big ones, since then. I felt fine when I woke. The episodes are on the verge of hallucinatory. and a minute long. I wonder how I can get the caffeine out of my system. Damn. fuck fuck fuck. 

and just like that… BOOM

Dad is lying in a hospital now. He continued to not drink or eat, and was combative. We took him to hospital for dehydration, but somehow that was not conveyed, it was for poor appetite. So he was not admitted, not hooked up to an IV, held there until Cherrybrook has a place for him today. Then I have to find a place for him, I will let him stay there until I do. More stress. But he was not going to go willingly to a place longterm. It would have to be in an ambulance situation. So maybe this is better. He is getting attended to, and I am getting some rest. yeah right. They did not even give him a room at the hospital. He is in a cubicle. Just ducky. So today will be yet another day of stress. Then maybe very soon, rest.

Gears make me fly

Artsy fartsy in East Granby

The calvary is coming

Chris will be here this evening. My relief, my sanity. Yay!

So we will do a few things together, but mainly i get to go home for more than a night. I can get some real work done, and maybe get new work in the door.mthat would be sweet.

It's being September, dry and chilly this morning. I wish i had my gianni rolling, flat on it. I'd take off for a quick few miles. Nah… Rather chat with Cheryl, not been able to do that for a few weeks.

Who knows, maybe things will work out in the right way with billy's schedule and i'll be able to drive back to CO with Chris and fly back after a day out in the mountains. We'll see.

Time for coffee and a friend.