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5:20 woke to little drops on my tent. Time to get up get the rest of my stuff packed get the hell out of Dodge. it held off raining until just after I hit the road. I think I need these types of weekends A little more often. I’m in search of food McDonald’s will do I need coffee. come to an intersection and I bet they’ll be some coffee here  Nope just gas I don’t feel like going into a store to get food from Market Basket. I’m grungy dirty tired stinky I don’t feel like getting out of the car.

I’m just gonna head home unpack the car, shower. really want to shower right now wash my hair

Oh to ride a place like Highland back when I was a little bit younger but then again it wasn’t really a sport then.

The ride up mt washington was white knuckles. back down was too. but oh so pretty. It was pretty clear and you could see for miles and miles. the big adventure. I wish I had someone to share with. Gets kinda lonely at times.      – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Second night still good

Finally was able to collect enough kindling to get a fire going. Had it through dinner to bedtime. Hot dogs for dinner after a big mac on my way back.
 Riding was fun. Scary but fun. Tiring also. My right leg is sore as in I’ve never used you sore. Quads. Staying up standing on your pedals is exhausting. Shoulders are a little sore too.
 Weird thing is that my heart is acting up. No stress lately but i am getting small episodes. I think it is time to get all those doctor appointments taken care of SOON! Ya hear me ?
 Cloudy out now and i caught a bit of weather forecast earlier and it said rain tonight. I may pack it in and head home in the morning. Only keep my coffee stove and a breakfast meal here, put the rest in the car. Since i have had time to see these sites, think that the next time i come up i will get a regular site to have the car nearby. I like it enough here to be a more regular place.
 So that is one thing off my bucket list. I may be able to do one more this weekend. Mt Washington car road. Yeah.
 Now to go get the work done.
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Yeah 65

Remote sites are awesome. This one in monadnock is relatively easy to access and with my cart, not bad to get all my shit into. Just ate bacon eggs and toast with a nice cup of coffee. Haven’t seen or heard a soul. And no coyotes. Just a bird this morning just before 6. I slept decently, 7 hours maybe. Nice.
 In a bit i will clean up, get dressed and head up to car and get going. Headed over to my big adventure. Highland park to ride some downhill. It should be fun. Hoping to record at least one run. And i can make a nice u tube of it all.
 Seriously not having anyone around is so very nice. Oh and a bonus kinda, no cell service. Yay, i think.
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yeah so i forget

IMG 1766 

Maine is friggin beautiful. Yeah it rained and I got in only one day of bike, not even a full day, a whopping 13 miles. But oh it was a glorious 13 miles.

All I can say is that had I know how far up that hike in site was, I would have opted for the regular site for the full stay. Spent too much time hiking up and down half mile each way. But is was a nice view up there. real nice. 

Schoodic woods campground is awesome. Schoodic woods side of acadia is awesome. I did get some real nice pics, probably will load everything on flickr to use that space. Have a couple I think already on Instagram. I think. uggh.

anyway, I am def doing camping there again next september. and I will do a full week. too nice.

Since then I have explored a campsite in MA, not to my liking. Going to try to see one other one this weekend, way up in MA. I like to drive.

and I need more time off. uggh


a recap for a short vacation

meh. I saw on the second beach day, some seals out in the water, pretty far out. one came in a bit where there were no people pn the beach, looking for a resting place. swam back out, too many people. not that there were a crowd, just a few, but too many for his liking. I watched for sharks of course. water was real calm. almost like the calm before a storm. that was at coast guard beach. I rode the bike from parking lot to the beach. nice little jaunt. next day, sunday, I was at nauset beach. surfers, actually paddle boards surfing. cool. small waves but much more than the previous two days. all the beaches were opened up to beach goers. I guess the lure of making a buck in the summer to maintain the beaches won out over solitude.

at camp, nice meals. nice fire. sat night I never turned on the lantern. just the fire for light. all night, until bedtime at 10. sunday morning the guy from the next camp came over and introduced himself. nice but buggy. came back over again later on, as I am trying to get camp broken down. weird guy. and tuesday when I am home, he gives me a call. how the hell did he get my number? he is from led yard originally, north dakota lately, and was going to some kinda class reunion. I texted him back saying i was not available, but also how did he get my number. not heard back. creepy. 

sunday was going home day, and i had no real plans other than to make my way along the southern road on the way out. I got up the coast a bit to do more discovery, saw a long line of traffic going the other way, off cape, and decided to not go up to truro or north at all but to do the south coast, after going to nauset. The chatham, hyannis towns were so kitschy it was unbearable. but I still would have liked to have stopped, in one of them. did not cuz it was going to be a pain to find parking. I am so lame. nice towns further inland on cape, and then I was off cape with no traffic, seems that the line of traffic was an accident, and I missed going up cape. oh well. maybe I will convince mike to go there this fall sometime. I didn’t really do anything on the vacation other than drive to places and then not go to them. I was lonely. not at all in my space.

work since then has been nice. just the right pace, but still not enough for me to do or stay busy all the time. I am thinking of bringing in my laptop to work on a new design for me. and instead of using wordpress, use perch since I really don’t need WP for my site. Or perhaps use it on one of my other sites. yeah, that’s the ticket. crank up WDG or a niche site. my bike site would be nice. 

oh and mom got the apartment. I don’t want her to leave the house. I want to be able to have her stay there until she dies. it is sad. I am sure she is sad. maybe this tropical storm going thru later this week will make it less sad in that she and I won’t have to worry about this stuff anymore. Just sad though. I want to take her and dad down to the breach way for one final time. I wonder if dad could make the trip? I have to ask someone. I want to have them together in a place they both love. I am just not going to handle this well at all. I know it is best though, I cannot deal with the stress anymore. the stress of the move is making my heart funny again. so I am back to taking my meds on a regular basis. probably good thing. 

and I am still alone.

oh what a week it’s been

IMG 0104actually not really that bad. Mom is finally in hospital, about to head to a rehab place today. I went out early Monday morning for grocery shopping, the help was going to start work at noon. I got back to the sound of the alert people answering. Mom had fallen in the bedroom while I was gone, so she pressed the button. In a way that was good, cuz she needed to have her back checked out. Spent Monday in the ER with her. No hip fracture, nothing there. She was in a lot of pain though. She has spent the last two days now, in a nice private room at hospital. And I have been driving and driving. But that is OK. It means that she is getting the help she needs and maybe in a week, she can come home and won’t be in so much pain. I’ll have the help start when she gets back here.

bamboo breachwayLast Thursday maybe, Lauren and I took a little day trip to the shore, the breach way in Charlestown. A little break from the slums of Norwich. A little place I have heard of for years, the fantastic umbrella factory, was our stop. It was pretty cool Had bamboo growing and that was really cool. We had a nice day. She sure does talk a lot though. Been sober a month. Let’s hope it continues.

Now back to work here. Have to shower and get the day started. Wait on the transport to the nursing home. that should be this morning I hope. Wait wait wait.

in the grand scheme of things

did a drive yesterday, and was rewarded with some very nice scenes, some quiet, which was needed, and a few wafts of that pine smell. the smell I used to get riding out in Pachaug, and used to smell when out camping. Nice. I really have that bug to get a good bike on the road. I may opt for a steel bike. Some come with composite forks, and while that makes clamping anything to them not an option, it does make for not only road dampening, but less weight. but I dunno. maybe this touring thing is going to be beyond my abilities. or maybe I make it my priority for my birthday next year. Be on the bike in Maine for my 60th. Sounds like a plan. Yeah, that is it. Even if it is partly car camping. Be up there and on my bike, riding. what I love more than anything.

and so a day of not being able to do anything, have dr appt for both today, which means showers and noise. all fucking day. I think after I take them to Dr. we will do a short drive to appease the asshole, then I will do a ride after dinner. it was a beautiful day yesterday, looks that way again today, no heat or humidity. tomorrow will be the same. I hope. Dr appt for dad tomorrow. another no work day. fuck.

and I will decide over the next few days if I am going to splurge on getting a bike. The diamondback looks the best right now. triple crank, which will be good. I just want to see one in person. The Dicks sporting goods up here has only MTB. I can buy it online from them, and use my bill me later account. Maybe the place in Manchester or in waterford will have a demo for me to look at. Hate that it is white, but oh well.

ahhhh the quiet of the morning is so sweet. the coolness of this morning is so sweet. the fact that I am not getting any work done is not sweet. I cannot work at night, the TV is too loud. asshole says he likes it like that. so be it. I may move the big computer back down home and just go there to work for a few days a week. Might as well, ain’t getting any better here. asshole can fend for himself.

and with that…
2012 07 09 23 49 09

Bikes bikes everywhere!

So yesterday was really nice. I mean NICE. And since ot was the first nice day for a week, I had to get out of my self inflicted hell. On the bike. And it was wonderful. So many people out on their bikes on the bike trail. Families. Friends. Lovers. Singles. So nice to have one of those picture postcard scenes of bicycle heaven. I did not ride too long, not been om the bike for over a year so i did not want to push it. And if tomorrow is nice enough in the morning, i’ll feed them two and head off for another spin. Go a bit further. Push a bit.
Damn it was nice.

Headed home again

On the shuttle headed to Denver airport. I have a long wait there, then in Cinncinatti, another wait. But soon I’ll be back home. The drive back out here was tiring, and a bit long, we did long miles every day, the final day we did almost 780, but we did some sight seeing up to see where Chris used to live and work. Nice place, but really remote and isolated. I don’t know if i could do that. We had Monday to kill, so went into town. Yesterday, i was on my own, no car, but that was ok, I needed to wind down and back up into work mode. It was raining too, so not many places I could walk to for anything. So i chilled. I have a ton of work to pump out as soon as i get back. Tomorrow. Today, i fly.

Tuesday morning

Had a bad night of sleep, but did not torture myself by looking at clock. Finally at 7:30got up. And what do my eyes see? Thunderheads. So with coffee in hand, i lowered the canopy down, but not all the way. If it gets windy, iwill. But i hope to be able to sit out here and ride it out. Thunder is rolling and it is drpping out. Maybe it will be short. God i hope so.
Had dinner wuth chris last night, and we finally got the fire going, just before she had to leave. So i stayed up as long as i could. Laid in bed doing posts, and reading, but even then 10 was my limit, so i expected to be up early, ordo like i did, sleep a bit, etc.
Just had some lightning close. This might be interesting. It does look like it is lighter skies in the west, so maybe just a passer by.
Ok so at 8:05 it seems the thunder has passed. I sure hope that was the only one. Crap, rumble just then in the west. Doesn’t look dark thunderly. We’ll see. Now to make breakfast and figure out what i want to do in the event that it does not rain. Hardy har. Kinda sucks cuz i have no wayto getweather map. Awwww yeah, have to deal with it like it used to be. But, what is the value of the technology and such if it cannot be used? We don’t live in the old days anymore. Yes it is good to have the knowledge of how to do things without technology, but unless there is something like no power or such, why? I see no sense. Use the tools available. Maybei won’t use facebookas much, i already cut way down, and g+ is kinda annoying, and for me unfocused. Maybe i have to organize it better. Dunno.
Anyway. My shoulder is sore, i have a tingly right hand, and i think i want to go back to bed.