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no work makes me sad

I have no work on the book right now. The one prospect that I had been hoping to sign, said they were not liking the 75% retainer, so signed with someone else. I knew that might be a hangup, but for a minimum cost site, where I was giving them a break on the price to begin with, screw em. I kept getting the feeling that they were going to be pains anyway, but I was willing to put up with it in order to get in work. I have two others that I can pressure this week. I need to be working.

Headed back home for a few days after doc visit and possibly bike ride today. I need to be home.

I was smiling a lot yesterday, I went for a drive to fax something, and took the scenic route. The smile was big. And considering that I stopped taking the prozac, I was happy that I was smiling. I finally have some light, some peace. I just need to be home more now. and working.

traffic in the country

For unknown reasons, I am aware of the traffic on this road today. It’s been buzzing by at a regular rate for about a half hour. I guess all the folks need to get into Hartford for 8?

I’ll head home today for the day, get some billing done and some work done. Get some clothing. Of course I did not get done what I wanted to get done yesterday. Oh well.

Have to get mom to the lab later this week for bloodwork. Have to go see dad. a million things to do. sucks taking care of them. Or just her I guess. someone is taking care of dad. I wish he would pass away, alleviate his hell that is his life. And change the air here. There is this sadness I feel when I am around his basement, or other places in the house. All the things he made, yet he is not here to enjoy them. The fishing gear, the woodwork. He is in a never never land and not enjoying the fruits of his life. Sad. and it sucks.

those old familiar sounds

Yep. the planes starting their journey around 6am. Instead of train whistles, I get to hear jet engines overhead. But that is ok, since this will only be for a short while. Mom is doing well, I have to see how her attitude is today, then I decide when I go back home. Get the place fixed up for her so there are no more days in Granby.

I am in a weird mood today. I really want to lie in bed all day long. I have no work to get done, so this is really boring. I only have work to do here, like organize their bills etc. So I will do that today. Get it all done, then I will really have nothing to do.Have to try really hard this week to get work on the books.

So off I go into the day. yay. no. really. yay.

down for the count

I woke yesterday feeling like crap. Still had to soldier on and get things done that needed to be done. Drving home from granby was tough, feverish and I just wanted to go to sleep. so when I got home, I basically did just that. I did take some nyquil tabs around 7, then jed calls, I hope I was coherent. as usual when the nyquil wears off, I wake, and then try to get back to sleep. Last night was no different, fitful sleep. But at least I was sleeping. My head feels like a balloon. I ache. I am going back to bed and sleep the rest of the day. I think.

and it’s a wrap

I got theirs done rather quickly. Taxes that is. And sent. Been working on mine, and I am doing well with it. Just have to get a few more things in line here. I may even be able to file them today. That will be a blessing.

Nice day out, but I won’t take a break until I am done. I am hoping to be able to work on the last bits of the lawyer site today, get them an invoice and then get them done with. Then I have nothing. FInish my site. uggh I need to get some work in the door, or I am again screwed.

Back to the work. Must get it done. No more last minute for me.

work not done

because I was lazy yesterday, having to watch TV, baseball games and golf (once a year I watch) and a truck race, and law and order, I did not finish their taxes. Not to mention, mine. I have to get mine done by Friday at the latest, for the DSS and my healthcare freebee. but I have to finish their taxes first. I have a lot done but I think about halfway done. crap. and I have to go to Granby to see mom today as well. she needs her depends. crap crap crap. oh well, got to get moving I guess.


I seem to be sleeping better lately. If I do wake up, it is briefly, and not to head to the bathroom. That usually does not happen unless I wake at 5ish. Must mean the diabetes is getting under control, or the hypertension is. Probably both. So getting a good 5-6 hours of un-interrupted sleep is nice. being able to add an hour or two on to that is nice. Now to be able to get a full 8hrs of sleep would be nice. Doubt that will happen though, never has in my life, on any regular basis. So I be happy with what I have now.

somewhat busy day ahead. but I will survive. tomorrow will be full out work day. no interruptions. ha.

All set, for now

Had to drive mom to the nursing home, insurance would not pay for ambulance. Just wonderful. So she is now at meadowbrook. The receptionist lives across the street from them, she was there when dad was in too. So she will be rehabbed, and watched over for a week or so. A break for me. Just have to go back tomorrow and do the paperwork.

So painting class tomorrow ain't happening. But i do plan to paint. Try to get this out of my head. See if it comes out. I may go to artarama tomorrow when i am up there. We'll see.

Real warm today. Like summer warm. 70 at least. Yup, jump from winter to summer, again.

Now to rest.

that old march

not been a wonderful few days, but, what the hell, I am feeling good. The other evening when I went to the grocery store in Southwick, I could swear that I heard some peepers. Odd since it was cold out. Not heard any since, and yesterday it finally started to actually feel like springtime. that nip but warmth. It’s chilly out now, but I know it will warm. So I totally expect to hear those buggers tonight.

Mom is in hospital. SHe was not doing so good Wednesday, and fell again that evening just before dinner, so I had her taken to emergency. She was dehydrated, and muscles began to break down while she was on the floor. She has a UTI as well. So she is still there, and will be headed to a short-term place for rehab, to see if she can get her strength back. So I am relieved of care duties for a bit.

And I have had the same song stuck in my head for DAYS now. It sucks.

oh, by the way

it got cold again. so no bike yet for me. next week.