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yes, she is still alive

but being a bit depressed, so not posting. financially it has been very rough, with a vampire sucking my limited funds dry, but I will not go into that one, it will be resoved this week and then it will never happen again. oh ok.


yup. March 2nd and there is new snow on the ground. sucks

ain’t you honey

it’s just been me. have a client who said “mid November is fine” now says he never said that, Needs site done by Nov 10. My contract covers me since it’s timeline is for end of November. He also is wanting things not in contract, but again, the proposal covers them as options and has the time associated with them. So I do a change order today with them. And I agreed to do the timeline, minus the options, as it is, it will be tight and totally time dominating.


at least I charged more for this to begin with, as I had radar going off on this. Old people just do not understand computers and I have had to spend time teaching how to use Basecamp. Consulting time. LOL

So……….. uggh shower, then post office, then bank, then back here to get a site launched and bury myself in this jerkface

RIP:4th amendment

Like what I have said for a long time. They got their foot in the door when they passed the Brady bill. Now it is privacy. No need to have a reason to snoop. just cuz they want to. I hope to hellthat it comes back to bite everyone who voted for it. Including Obama. What an EPIC FAIL on his part. Hillary had the balls to vote against it, and defend our constitution.

oh and that UPS sticky

is for a shipment that I need first thing in the AM. I have been using Mike’s DSL since whenever. Well, I have always wondered what if he moves (not likely), what if he cannot make a payment (or three), what happens when I have no internet? Well, yesterday the phone company shut off his phone and cell. DSL will be next. So I am getting DSL turned on tomorrow, and need that equipment. I’ll start a concerted effort to move any email that is on my earthlink account to another so I can cancel that. Save that $24 a month to pay for the additional $30 a month for DSL.
So now I have no ties to him. He has not paid yet anything on June. I am scraping by, trying anything and everything to make some money. I have a few more things in the works, so… and getting s few sites done this week I hope hope. So hard.

Bush doesn’t rule out military strike in Iran – Yahoo! News

Bush doesn’t rule out military strike in Iran – Yahoo! News

fucking asshole is on drugs I swear.

Live Search : Book search winding down

Live Search : Book search winding down

in other words, this wasn’t going to make you tons of money, and doing good has no meaning to your bottom line, so fuck it all, let some other “idiot” spend their time and money doing this so we can get back to not delivering quality products at a fair price to the world. I wonder if Gates agrees with this decision? I would like to see what % these individuals give to humanitarian causes/charity every year, and how much more they will give now that they have decided that they are not going to do good in this avenue. Me, a poor person, probably gives a higher % than most of the gimme-boys at MS. Stupid is as stupid does.

some people really think highly of themselves.

I just got a new request to join the mailing list of web designers I run. In the “application” I ask them to tell me a bit about themselves, and why they want to join the list. I get one today, it’s their sales pitch/directory listing spiel. I write back to please re-read the form and tell me about them and their company, and why they want to join. This one comes back with “I think that I have very insightful and valuable knowledge that your members could benefit from. I think I can help them to be better designers.”
Meantime I have gone to her web site. and to her portfolio. Tables and font tags, and beveled words on huge graphics and FRONTPAGE bots and just really really horrible code, javascript a mile long on the page, on and on. All the things that MAYBE were OK in 1998, but she must be stuck in a time warp. Bad is not even close. And she has “valuable, insightful knowledge” I don’t thinks so lady. Bye bye. Can’t read OR design. Oh, and the spelling? was real bad, yet located in New Hampshire. She ain’t a “feriner”


pissy pissy
and so what? you got a problem with me being pissy? well, shove it up your collective arse.
right now I could care less. sell the house, get out from under the debt and move to Colorado and buy a house outright in Monte Vista, on the po’ side of town. fine with me

Comcast acquires social network pioneer Plaxo

Hey, you Plaxo users… know what? If you think that you got spammed before, just wait! I’d run to the site and get all my contacts, and delete the account. The TOS that you agreed to (supposed no selling of the names in your accounts … ha!) get thrown out the window when the company is sold.

Comcast acquires social network pioneer Plaxo – Yahoo! News

Comcast plans to use Plaxo to give its consumers social network links across all Comcast-connected devices including TVs, digital video recorders and, eventually, wireless devices, thanks to a new partnership with Sprint, Clearwire and Google.

Plaxo will join its fast-growing Comcast Interactive Media unit which includes, video entertainment site Fancast, movie site Fandango and theplatform, an online video delivery site.

Plaxo a “social network”??? I don’t THINK so.

why oh why

Do clients insist on emailing you 450 mb of photos? especially when you have schooled them to use a file sending service. why???