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Officially summer

Saw fireflies last night in the big field here at pachaug. So summer has arrived. Had a miserable sleep. Damp. Aching body. Cold. Unlike the damp, aching body hot of the first night. I really need to think first before i go to bed. And get a fucking cot to sleep on.
 Think i may camp next weekend. Definitely more often this year. I totally enjoy the quiet.
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Skills class

I learned some basic knots. I made fire. I made a shelter. Yeah i can do this.
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yeah so i forget

IMG 1766 

Maine is friggin beautiful. Yeah it rained and I got in only one day of bike, not even a full day, a whopping 13 miles. But oh it was a glorious 13 miles.

All I can say is that had I know how far up that hike in site was, I would have opted for the regular site for the full stay. Spent too much time hiking up and down half mile each way. But is was a nice view up there. real nice. 

Schoodic woods campground is awesome. Schoodic woods side of acadia is awesome. I did get some real nice pics, probably will load everything on flickr to use that space. Have a couple I think already on Instagram. I think. uggh.

anyway, I am def doing camping there again next september. and I will do a full week. too nice.

Since then I have explored a campsite in MA, not to my liking. Going to try to see one other one this weekend, way up in MA. I like to drive.

and I need more time off. uggh


vacation at last

monday i head to Maine. It will probably rain all week, but I don’t care. yeah I do care. Camping in the rain sucks. but I need the break from all of this.

Photo a day did not start yesterday. soooooo

the grands


it is summer

Maximus was born on the 20th. he is precious. Violet is warming up to him, she will have a playmate soon as he gets moving. He is a strong boy, already holding his head up. I just pray Lauren does not start drinking after he is weaned from breast. Like she did with Violet. Like she denies, but I have all the drunk texts. I hate that she lies so much. Wants to be the drama queen.

Jed is back to driving. Has the machine. But only for a year. He will drive drunk again, he will get caught one way, and he will go back to jail to serve the rest of his sentence, but he does not understand that part. I urged him to keep the thing in his car for a long time. If I can advocate to authorities to make him keep it, I will.

Work is work.

No mr mr

Mike is an asshole.

I am riding as much as I can.


what a year

yeah, the past year and some has been wonderful. with the exception of not seeing mr mr, it is good. the summer of my 63rd year is good. lots of bike rides, all winter even, fun with my granddaughter who is running circles around me, the paul mc cartney concert, baseball games with john and our constant conversations, the yankee game sitting in the sports bar on the hottest day of the year. yeah. now to take the momentum into the autumn and keep riding when I can, keep pursuing the elusive mr mr, and develop some new skills. yeah

concert, blahness and riding

Sunday was the best birthday present ever. the show was amazing. Something I will remember the rest of my life. 

the tour however leaves much to be desired. no one is really attacking. no action since froome himself did two “attacks”, the downhill one and the one with Sagan. boooooring

my riding however has been increasing, and I even suspect I will do a road ride soon. JUst waiting on the pumping of the tires. maybe even tonight. 

calm and colds

everything here with him is smooth so far. i counter his badgering and criticism with silence and a stare. and i go away. we will see what the future holds for us.

riding has been going well. except this cold is hanging on and i can’t taste, i can’t hear. trying to figure out what to do, outside a trip to the urgent care. i may try the online doctor and get a antibiotic script to clear the infection in my sinuses and middle ear. it really sucks.

saw mr mr in his yard last week maybe? nah week before. i wonder if i will ever sit with him again. probably not. but he makes for a good target. 

i am still working and screwing up once in a while. gotta stop that.

ya know life is like a flowering plant. the beauty is here for a while, then dies. lauren had to put scrappy down two weeks ago. i see pictures of him and i miss his furry little face. he was a good dog, even if he was obsessed and stinky.

i really want to be on my own in business again. i hate working for someone else. i mark my time every day doing my tasks, but nothing to challenge me. i want that bike related business! i will have it soon. at least the start of it.