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june 1 and the fan goes in

just put it in the window now. the office is too stuffy, and I did not want to use that as an excuse. Now I can use the fan noise as one. Or the fact that my caterer is waiting on his proposal for me to get money from him, which I need desperately, like yesterday. but no, I will hunker down and get that database installed and the shopping cart installed, and the updater installed, and get the categories setup and some products entered. Goal is 10 products tonight. There… I set a measureable goal, and I won’t go to bed until it is done. It’s going to be a long night.

trying to remember

Monroy showed yesterday how to do a water pour. I so desparately want to recreate that. I am scouring things now to see if there is a tut somewhere out there on this. Please… it was so cool, and it took all of 2 minutes to do


rendering video…. ta teee dummm dumm ooooo la yes… oh boy… yesirreeeee so much fun.

[Listening to: AC Podcast #56 – Seth Godin – – Todd Henry – The Accidental Creative (15:09)]

Good question here

From Linked-in:
“what is the first thing that will grab my attention on YOUR OWN business website that would make me want to STOP and search your site?

Look at your landing page- what is the primary and most immediate call to action that I would “click” to continue further into the site? If you don’t see anything except a lot of words, maybe 1 or 2 stock photos..why would I a first time visitor to your site go past the home page? ”

Something to ponder. Never heard it put quite that way before.

cool rap video…

Like wha he sez


I got a ton of straggling work done today. updates, and fixes and little things that make me stay unfocused. tomorrow I attack the embroidery site concepts full force, and for breaks, I wokr on a joomla install at
oh and add on to a site I signed today.

ipod random listenings

playing right now is “rocking around the christmas tree”. One reason I set it up to play the songs, all the songs, in random order on the pod. You never know what ya goin to get. next up is a Carlos Santana/Mahavishnu John McLaughlin tune. life is good.
why the good mood? Stayed up til 3am, got one design pumped out, it is broke in FF, but we’ll fix it if they pick it, then today pumped out their second one. Now I start on the next customer’s concept one, the one that has been stuck in my head for over a week. I will get it to photoshop, then decide how to get it to code. I have my idea pretty set for their concept #2 as well. it will be nice to go to bed tonight with this all done. sigh…

so what do I do tonight, sleep?

or maybe get this on pixels? I got it, the one that has escaped me, caught it, but too tired now to put it down, so I am going to bed early, get up early and then make it work tomorrow, lots of work tomorrow. yup

ahh me oh my

I still have this design in my head. not able to squeeze it out. but tomorrow it wil get forced out or I will die trying.


time to get the design ON!

I got a little bit of client work don, and I think that is it for updating stuff, just have to get on the new designs I have to do for 2 clients now. I’ll start one tomorrow, the nautical one. Then later in the week I’ll start the other. so nice to have a client to work for again.