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Make, Do. – Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog

Make, Do. – Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog.

My present to myself

ok mission accomplished

I got my new site design done. Now to populate the pages and get it running. yipppeeeeeee

proposal done

gawd that was a tough one. shooting in the breeze so to speak. Hope it gets accepted.

ideas running

hmm I think i will keep running updates on today’s progress in the blog. First off is visit to bathroom to take shower, then to post office to get mail, then to bank to deposit check, then back here by 10:30 am. yah….

today I conquer the world

or at least the nemesis of my motivation monster. Will get the new caterer done and ready to go today, and will have at least one concept for the hog guy. plus diva’s site finalized.
Getting new caterer off the plate will allow room for old caterer to come back on schedule, and give me room to get the author started.
crap, gotta write proposal this AM crap.

ok ok

so yeah, i missed a few days. I know. I have had motivation issues alot this past month. pretty much since vacation. I have work, but I cannot seem to dive into things like I should.
slap slap. I have put a few very heavy deadlines on myself so that I can get some work done. We’ll see.

work and immobility

Getting a new client today. Need it, since I am like stuck in the mud on the others, no content so no finish, so no money. Should be a good one, simple, yet charging a good rate for it. yah. Author. Some healing book for grief. I guess. I have no interest in the book. So… I just gotta make a pretty design, plop it into WP, add a forum, an event calendar, and get it out the door by end of month. No problemo. Ha! yup… I got a design in my head and from it I can produce 2 concepts. Should be able to do it easy. Getting check and should be happy by Friday. Good …

Over 270 OnLine Business Tools

ScLoHo’s Really?: Over 270 OnLine Business Tools

Need to go over these and add to BS blog the ones that pertain to web design businesses. Already have one as an alternative/addition to Basecamp. Qcron. Giving it a try


Adactio: Journal—Understanding Web Design

This person is/was liveblogging, but in a more thoughtful way. Not just notes, but insight and expression. I like. This is one talk I want to see, I would love to make it to Chicago, but alas, Colorado trip will do that in.