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oh it got cold

Yep. Frost warnings. Joy joy. Actually this and the shorter days are my friend. For sleeping. Earlier sunset is good for sleeping. Cooler weather is good for sleeping. And boy have I been sleeping. I come home from work, wanting to take an hour nap. I wind up sleeping a few hours, which totally screws up any plans I make. Sucks. But I am getting some sleep that I need. I wonder how much longer I can do this grave shift crap. I’ve revamped my resume, and I am looking for something new. Even before I get my dental work done. If it comes up, great. I am so hurting, the feet from not only the neuropathy, but from the rock hard floors I have to walk on most all night. And the first three days of my week, I have to walk a lot a lot a lot. I changed inserts, and immediately got blister on one heel, which is making me walk funny, so the knee complains, and the hip complains. Can’t fucking win.

Bike! I got the bike worked on more, but I had a hell of a time getting the tire on the rim, and have pinched the tube a few times, so I have to find a different tire. It’s flat now. The gears need some work as far as the travel of the ft lever. That is a project for this week. That and getting a tire to fit on, so I can get this thing on the road. Then maybe I will be of a better state of mind.

Now to sleep. again. maybe.

Spurcycle Raw Bell. More potent and more streamlined. Way better.

Spurcycle Raw Bell. More potent and more streamlined. Way better..

I want for my town/touring bike

riding the day

yesterday’s ride was nice. but that was in retrospective. during the ride, I wanted to turn around. to not ride. I did my obligatory 10 miles. It was nice enough out, not many people out, certainly not as crowded as a Sunday. Yet I did not want to ride. It was ok though. I got it done and I went back to the house. I think it was because I had too many things to do still. 

Looks like I will have another job come in next week. yay! I want more. I have to figure out how to get more. 

now to start the day. at home. with my regular computers. with my regular chair. with my regular dog. with my regular yard calling me to sit in it. I really need to do the garden next year. not put it off until it is too late. I need some dirt.

yes, i rode

in case anyone was wondering. A good ride, pushed it faster, and further. Felt good all ride.

one down

have someone coming over to do estimate for house tmrw at 9am. Will call one more person for a second estimate and talking to.

tomorrow I need to visit Dad. Not seen him for over a week. Then go to Granby. Probably stay over night. See if I can get a ride in. Need to ride. I ordered some new tires and a saddle for the raleigh. Now just need brake levers, that brake cable hanger, bar tape, and shift levers. then I am set for now. try to get this bike on the road and see if it will work out. if not, then it will be surly long haul trucker or crosscheck. Before I buy a new MB air. Bike before computer. OMG. I just really need to lose this weight.


it rained all night. there is now a break in the rain. the radar map looks like it will last for a couple hours. or so i think. forecast says a break til this afternoon.

I know that if i head out for a ride, it will move faster. if i do not go out, it will be accurate. if I ride, I’ll get a stripe. but I’ve not had a stripe for many years.

so I will go for a ride. a short one. but I will go. I’ll even post a photo or two.

First ride

Did 12 miles, it was nice. A bit squiggly the first half mile, and a couple near falls, due to such a long time off. Wore the new Voler long sleeve jersey, it was perfect for the temp. No wind breaking thru. I took that pair of tights i bought last year and cut off the leg part for warmers. I could not get the damnec things over my butt. Yeah, all that weight i took off last year has all come back. But they worked well, no need to purchase new. Wish i still had the wool ones. But my clean out probably tossed them.

There was the predicted sea of hi-viz on riders. It's every where now. Neon. That is one fashion trend that should have never made a comeback. The bike was stiff but oh so nimble. Tht is one thing i missed riding the mtb. The responsiveness, the feel of the road. But i think that i will bring the mtb up during the week, and ride it too. I almost rode too far, about a mile from the end, i was really wanting to just get off the bike. So i guess i turned around at the right time

The heart felt ok, a couple of times,there was tightness, and a shortness. I am hoping that it goes away the fitter i get. I may have to just go slow, very slow. Maybe do some walking to build up. I am suspecting that my planned tour may only be a ride this summer. Camping yes, but no bike camping. We'll see.

Not planning on riding tomorrow. Tuesday will be next day.

bike bike

I have been writing a bicycle blog for a few months now, and I just uploaded two photos to it, of my old rides, the ones that I am going to make a project of working on over the winter. These two:

IMG 1614

IMG 1613

So what do you think? Which one first? The gold bike is a Matsuri steel track bike. I used it for roller racing in the winters, won a couple of club championships with it, I can RIDE rollers. The mtb is al old bike, never rode it much, but it is designed for touring, so I will make a few mods to it and use it for the tour next year. Tires, pedals, seat, add racks and a few other niceities.

oh is the new blog

glad I rode today

Real glad I got off my ass and rode the bike this morning. It seemed as it was big man bike ride day. And I mean BIG man. There were a few out there riding today. Big big men. And a few of the regulars, the guy in the snap-on cap for one. I also came on a white scottie, sitting so pretty in a front basket of his/her owner. So cool to see that. I’ve seen dogs in the bike trailers, and even saw one that was in a doggie trailer, not a kiddie trailer. Spoiled doggies, but cool. I think it is so cool that there are so many families out riding on the trail. So nice. It bonds them and maybe the kids will grow up with fond memories of the togetherness. And that cycling is something that can be done throughout their life.

A dragonfly rode across my path again. Not with me though. bummer. 🙂

I rode without the music, and without any bike computer etc. Phone was tucked in my back pocket. I did turn on map my ride on the way back, I wanted to see how long the ride was. did 15 miles without a snit of trouble. Except that I really do not like using the hydration pak. It hurts my shoulders. But I was able to carry the wallet and tools etc. but it just is not me. maybe on a mountain bike it is good. Maybe I need to get over it. Tomorrow when I ride, I’ll use a bottle for my water, and leave the camel bak at home.

I am getting the riding blog running, I hope tomorrow. After I ride. It was running tonight, but the propagation was slow, so I got bitchy. Not sure why, but I was. So I moved it and of course, this stupid Cox cable is slow to pick up. might as well wait til tomorrow. I want to play with some custom post types. I want to have a spot to put in the day’s mileage. and the the of ride, on road bike or MTB. That might be a cool thing to learn.

and so… yeah it was a good ride.

sunday can be OK too

Finally rode the Gianni. The first few pedals and feet were wobbly, but soon I got rolling. Every thing seems smaller than I remember. there are some things i have to change, but i think i am going to like this return to steel. Did not go longer or faster, perhaps because I have been off the big for a week? or more? hmmm don’t even remember. But I am proud of myself that I got my ass out of bed and rode. Should have been earlier, but I am so damned tired in the morning lately. why? oh, nothing stressful. ha

dad is still in hospital. have to decide on a rehab for him tomorrow. then see how long it takes before they kick him out. he might last a few days longer. we’ll see.

meantime i will stay here and do some work i hope, and ride. i’ve lost more weight this past week of hell. and the above article link is what i need all in one place, to remember to do.

the goal remains. ride a tour for my 60th birthday. in maine. camping. yep.