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bike show

I went to the handmade bike show in Hartford last Saturday. Let’s just say I was in heaven. SOOOOOOOOO many beautiful bicycles. So many “I want” that I felt like I was becoming boring. Truly some great builders out there. I will become one. Two years ago I looked into frame building classes. And I have been looking for the perfect retirement business. My bike shop. Local bike repair, a blend of family bikes and all road bikes. Located in Griswold or Voluntown. In my garage. and I will build frames. I want to make small sized frames, for us small people. and women. want to make a nice 531 mite, for the discerning female (or male) rider. Randonneur style. I think I can do it for a few years. Yes?

my pics are up at Flickr

calm and colds

everything here with him is smooth so far. i counter his badgering and criticism with silence and a stare. and i go away. we will see what the future holds for us.

riding has been going well. except this cold is hanging on and i can’t taste, i can’t hear. trying to figure out what to do, outside a trip to the urgent care. i may try the online doctor and get a antibiotic script to clear the infection in my sinuses and middle ear. it really sucks.

saw mr mr in his yard last week maybe? nah week before. i wonder if i will ever sit with him again. probably not. but he makes for a good target. 

i am still working and screwing up once in a while. gotta stop that.

ya know life is like a flowering plant. the beauty is here for a while, then dies. lauren had to put scrappy down two weeks ago. i see pictures of him and i miss his furry little face. he was a good dog, even if he was obsessed and stinky.

i really want to be on my own in business again. i hate working for someone else. i mark my time every day doing my tasks, but nothing to challenge me. i want that bike related business! i will have it soon. at least the start of it.

and again

I went to the garage at 2am. No product. Just an empty plastic bag in the gas well. So I left him a buddhist book. casino slum-dog.

and now it is time to ride. I have given up on the raleigh, I will strip it down to what ever I need off of it. Nothing really other than the gravel tires. I will work on getting the trek more comfy. that will be a bit of a job, but it will do for now. I save to go to bike building school next year, and build one of my own.

i ride because I need to burn off the craziness that is in my head.

finally snow

finally some cold weather

snowed a bit, then rained which crusted the snow and then melted it all. no sun on it. kinda crappy but at least it is over. I don’t see more snow in the forecast so we may skate a bit longer

I just know that I will be riding tomorrow. bring back my old tradition. 

then I am bringing back the old crescent bike. 

the autumn type of ride

Crunching tires rolling over the acorns and dead leaves on the gravel. I see blood red speckled yellow maple leaves in the gold filtered sunshine. Can’t see the gravel well most times for the leaves and spiny shadows, so no hands is not really an option. But smelling the air, the dirt, the bike. That is what makes a ride.

I guess it is only me who says hello on the trail, I rode and decided to not be the initiator, mostly. NOT ONE person said hi to me. Unless I said hi first. They all need more roughage in their lives, and a bit more love in their souls. No greetings from even the non-helmet wearers. Sad lives, maybe made a bit nicer for a day by being out riding. But what happens when they return to real life. They did their obligatory fall holiday bike ride. they put the bike away until memorial day holiday. Will they ride in the heat of the summer when you ride fast so that the mosquitos can’t catch up? Nope.

me, after not riding in two weeks, I can feel a bit of sore in my knee. and since I have not been riding much at all lately, I feel fatigued in a weird way. So I will open a shock top. Tomorrow it is go to granby day, with lauren and baby and lloyd and have them take the huge dining room table and chairs. let mom play with her great grand-child. Make her feel better. I should get some boxes on the way up there, so she can pack some things. Her clothes we will put in plastic bags and such. It will be a relief to move her, but sad as well. The life in the house in granby is over. It was over when dad first went into the hospital so frail back in april 2012. it was over then and no one wanted to face it. now we are. joy.

Well now…

that felt good. Ride two days in a row. Wont ride tmrw or tuesday. But maybe again after work wednesday. Yeah. Good ride

IMG 0930

pursuit non-sequitur

ahhh love and inspiration. what it does to reason and logic. but without it, there would be no dreams. 

I did a great ride yesterday, and headed out in a minute or two for one today. I hope it is just as nice. And I will be taking photos today. 

so it goes on and on and on.

Yay me

  i rode again today. My legs were dead after a night of alot of walking, but i did it anyway. Not as many miles as yesterday, but i did it.

Did not see mr. mr last night. Didnt really try hard, too busy. Maybe tonight. Have to ask him about the music, and if we can do that again. I was mildly entertained.  We will see. Id really hate it if the months of approach were blown out in one evening, just because he was depressed. Or had drank too much during the day. Or because of a misjudgement. On my part. We will see.

To sleep. Got some after my ride, need more. This part i will NOT miss at all.

oh what a night

IMG_0852.JPGSo I ran into mr mr when I walked over to C1. He was doing his rounds, and then kinda hung out while I talked with a couple attendants.  Waiting for me. Nice. We talked. and talked. He is happy for me. And we talked. He let me know that he has been working 6 days too. But on Thursday nights he goes over to the sun and parks on the top floor and does his thing. Made a point of telling me this three times. I take it that he wants me to go hook up with him. When I mentioned that I was going to race book with JK by saying “this guy” he asked right away “what guy?” as in I should not be with others. It was in the way he said it. Asked how old he was. I told him the story of JK and me. Cool. So now I am going to get a firm time for rooftop party, and we have a date. my oh my. Maybe this leaving the woods will get me my goal.

Yeah. Ride today was wet. rain showers, with downpour. We really need a few days of rain, the kind that comes slowly so it seeps into the groun d, and don’t roll off the parched rock hard soil. But I did ride, a bit further I think, didn’t bother with tracking today. I just wish I had a riding partner. one in particular. Bike is caked with dirt, so will need to take care of that soon. Right now it just reminds me that I rode in the rain, because I had a commitment to myself to ride. I will ride twice more before next Sunday. well, maybe once more. We will see. Might be a hectic week. or not. Feel good feel fine. This new job is the right decision, I am so happy.

colorado dreaming

Chris is in, visiting. I wish I was going back out west with her. Like I used to do. But then I would not have the pleasure of working at Foxwoods. I would much rather be working.

I visited dad on Thursday. first time I have seen him in a year. yeah, a year. He was the same. He did recognize me, I think. He never actually said my name but I reminded him a lot that I was his daughter. Chris is going today for the first time since she has been here. I just hope to whatever powers that I do not get stuck in a place like that. Been having a few problems with mom, and money. Now to figure this out. It seems every time I get close to getting rid of them, I get sucked in deeper. 

I did get to sleep a wonderful 11 hours non-drug induced the other night, and feel a world better. Now If I could only keep getting the right amount of sleep. unbroken. That sure would be sweet.

I will do a ride tomorrow. Did one Wednesday and the effect has worn off. The only problem with riding in Pachaug on the road, is that it is not long enough. I ride it faster every time I ride. So it has become not invigorating nor worth the drive out there. I will have to start spending more money to go to the Granby trail. uggh. Once a week. Do a ride worth riding. But on a non-forest trail, with skinny tires, no enveloping silence of the trees. Oh well