5:20 woke to little drops on my tent. Time to get up get the rest of my stuff packed get the hell out of Dodge. it held off raining until just after I hit the road. I think I need these types of weekends A little more often. I’m in search of food McDonald’s will do I need coffee. come to an intersection and I bet they’ll be some coffee here  Nope just gas I don’t feel like going into a store to get food from Market Basket. I’m grungy dirty tired stinky I don’t feel like getting out of the car.

I’m just gonna head home unpack the car, shower. really want to shower right now wash my hair

Oh to ride a place like Highland back when I was a little bit younger but then again it wasn’t really a sport then.

The ride up mt washington was white knuckles. back down was too. but oh so pretty. It was pretty clear and you could see for miles and miles. the big adventure. I wish I had someone to share with. Gets kinda lonely at times.      – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone