Second night still good

Finally was able to collect enough kindling to get a fire going. Had it through dinner to bedtime. Hot dogs for dinner after a big mac on my way back.
 Riding was fun. Scary but fun. Tiring also. My right leg is sore as in I’ve never used you sore. Quads. Staying up standing on your pedals is exhausting. Shoulders are a little sore too.
 Weird thing is that my heart is acting up. No stress lately but i am getting small episodes. I think it is time to get all those doctor appointments taken care of SOON! Ya hear me ?
 Cloudy out now and i caught a bit of weather forecast earlier and it said rain tonight. I may pack it in and head home in the morning. Only keep my coffee stove and a breakfast meal here, put the rest in the car. Since i have had time to see these sites, think that the next time i come up i will get a regular site to have the car nearby. I like it enough here to be a more regular place.
 So that is one thing off my bucket list. I may be able to do one more this weekend. Mt Washington car road. Yeah.
 Now to go get the work done.
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