time to get busy

the past month or so has been a blur. work is cool, we moved out to the trailers, and it is a pain, but we get to officially park in the summer garage, no more employee shuttle or that long walk. takes 10 minutes off the commute home.

Dad was in hospital all last week. He had a fall, then had his big belly looked at cuz he said he hurt. eventually found diverticulitis, and gallstones. He is back at green springs. I should call today to find out how he is doing. Thanksgiving was weird, had it at lauren’s and just not the same. I did all the work so she did not “stress” the little fragile drunk. I won’t do it again there. My place no no place. Christmas will be a pain too. mike headed to jersey, and lauren probably even more I don’t want to do anything cuz Im pregnant and stressed. I don’t even know if we will have xmas eve dinner now. I will have to go take mom to see dad, and then do something for her dinner. I have the day after off, and I think I will ride and sleep. Taking the day before the weekend too. I just want to rest as well. 

I’ve been riding every weekend, I need to for my sanity. I really want to do some sort of biking tour this year.Build the old crescent up and see if it is rideable. I know what I need for equipment on it, so just have to do it. Right after holidays.

Mike is shorting me every month. starting to get old, and I need the money! asshole. If it wasn’t for his crappy internet, I would ask him to leave. As soon as I have my car paid off, I will do that. I am ahead on paying it. Feels good to be ahead on it.

physically, that fall I took has really started to show me there are things that i just cannot do any longer. That is OK.

And I have not seen him.