stall thoughts

im sitting in a stall and thinking. Billy wont be coming to Christmas Eve dinner, “going another route” Fine. be like that. After travelling north every year almost, i want it to be here. so it will be. i want it to be at my house though. not at lauren’s. she is in her usual holiday bitch mode. so much drama and sickness. every fucking year. i dont choose to participate in it anymore.
 i will only make a few kapusta pierogis this year. the rest will be from the pierogi queen in enfield. very delicious, better than mine. just need to buy fish, make a stuffing, some potatoes, broccoli, appetizers and some dinner mints and a few other things. im done.
 yeah christmas day i take mom to see dad. bring her a few pieeogis too. that will be enough. i want to ride. i need to ride.
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