calm and colds

everything here with him is smooth so far. i counter his badgering and criticism with silence and a stare. and i go away. we will see what the future holds for us.

riding has been going well. except this cold is hanging on and i can’t taste, i can’t hear. trying to figure out what to do, outside a trip to the urgent care. i may try the online doctor and get a antibiotic script to clear the infection in my sinuses and middle ear. it really sucks.

saw mr mr in his yard last week maybe? nah week before. i wonder if i will ever sit with him again. probably not. but he makes for a good target. 

i am still working and screwing up once in a while. gotta stop that.

ya know life is like a flowering plant. the beauty is here for a while, then dies. lauren had to put scrappy down two weeks ago. i see pictures of him and i miss his furry little face. he was a good dog, even if he was obsessed and stinky.

i really want to be on my own in business again. i hate working for someone else. i mark my time every day doing my tasks, but nothing to challenge me. i want that bike related business! i will have it soon. at least the start of it.