the return 2

he is not going to return to jersey to live. seems like his son gave him the boot. in the way, can’t have friends, and probably the same things I have going on with him, the constant criticism of everything. but he did put money into the bank, not the full but some. so I guess I am going to be the lucky recipient of his junk, yet again.

car died yet again, so I am looking at getting a replacement. he continues in his own sweet time to try and fix it. I need to be free with a car. can’t go for a ride, can’t go visit mr mr, can’t go to a ballgame. sucks.

I have to do one last trip to Granby to get stuff, then the clean out happens and it gets put on the market. that is a positive. now I just have to go visit mom once every other week. joy joy

god, when did life get so fucking complicated, yet so simple