being of sound whatever

one of these days I will figure out how I have gotten through this life by living in a dream. Maybe that is how so many years have gone by and nothing has been accomplished. Dreamstate.

I notice this morning the sun on the trees. The naked trees. no wind today. there has been quite a breeze over the past few days, blowing all the remaining leaves off. As usual in the early part of November. I wait for it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a storm, sometimes just a big windy day. This year it has been a steady wind day on monday and lots of small wind days. whatever

I was told on Monday that I was getting a raise. I guess bitching about not being included in the performance raise review worked. Over $2 though, so that makes me even with the entry level pay of web designer, and that is OK by me. The position does require knowing how to code, as opposed to whatever the internet specialists have to know. And I am going to pull my application to be web designer, I think I would have landed that job, and have been in a way asked to remove myself. So that we can hire a new person and be fully staffed. Yeah, I will now have more days being bored with nothing to do, but being paid more makes up for that.

I really hope that I can find mr mr tomorrow night, and talk to him. sit with him. I miss his smile. his eyes.