the autumn type of ride

Crunching tires rolling over the acorns and dead leaves on the gravel. I see blood red speckled yellow maple leaves in the gold filtered sunshine. Can’t see the gravel well most times for the leaves and spiny shadows, so no hands is not really an option. But smelling the air, the dirt, the bike. That is what makes a ride.

I guess it is only me who says hello on the trail, I rode and decided to not be the initiator, mostly. NOT ONE person said hi to me. Unless I said hi first. They all need more roughage in their lives, and a bit more love in their souls. No greetings from even the non-helmet wearers. Sad lives, maybe made a bit nicer for a day by being out riding. But what happens when they return to real life. They did their obligatory fall holiday bike ride. they put the bike away until memorial day holiday. Will they ride in the heat of the summer when you ride fast so that the mosquitos can’t catch up? Nope.

me, after not riding in two weeks, I can feel a bit of sore in my knee. and since I have not been riding much at all lately, I feel fatigued in a weird way. So I will open a shock top. Tomorrow it is go to granby day, with lauren and baby and lloyd and have them take the huge dining room table and chairs. let mom play with her great grand-child. Make her feel better. I should get some boxes on the way up there, so she can pack some things. Her clothes we will put in plastic bags and such. It will be a relief to move her, but sad as well. The life in the house in granby is over. It was over when dad first went into the hospital so frail back in april 2012. it was over then and no one wanted to face it. now we are. joy.