oh oh no

I’ve been following this low for about a week, knew it would turn to a hurricane. and the chances are that it will hit us are gaining strength. Of course it will.


now I do know that the track has gone from this one, to further west hitting NC, and now is moving back east. Maybe it will blow out to sea, but I doubt it. I hope it does, don’t want to deal with this crap. and it may only be a storm not a hurricane when it arrives, but that still is not nice. If it moves a wee bit more east, we should be good, with lots of rain but not as much wind. if it stays on this track, we are not going to be happy campers, we gonna have a week of no services, and people whining. It is already non-stop on the news and it will only get worse. Right now I am glad I don’t have TV.

Just hope it moves further east. way further.