Morning in camp

ahhh yes. Nice quiet night. Family campgrounds are like that. The tent had no condensation inside. Probably due to the lower door mesh, and full upper mesh. Not sure on the fly. I had thought about removing the fly for tonight, but not with this moist air. The trees start dropping their dew early, and it would be like a light prolonged shower inside. So nope. I kept both vestibules open, too hot inside when i closed the storage end. 

Made coffee using the stryker stove. Similar to jet boil, but much cheaper at woot. Nice to have ignition onit. Very light, so this would make a nice bikepacking stove. Then made sausage and scrambled eggs. Good solid start to the day. Now just sitting having my second cup of coffee, then will see about a shower and then go get ice. The little chipmunks here are running all over. There is a bird singing, one that i have never heard before. There are tons of blue jays here. But this is not a jay. Hmmmmm. I suppose if i were to spend much more time here I would try to find out. 

Things i need to add to camping gear. A mat for outside the tent, and inside it as well. I can fit a cot i here so that might be something i think about. The tent is too heavy for bikepacking, a good solid solo car camper. Could run two peeps in it if you wanted. My bones do not like the getting up from ground level. I put my chair in the tent to help out with things, like dressing. And with this moist air the knees are really hurting today. 

Life. How strange it is. Just had to take off the sweatshirt. The sun has burned through the morning mist (oh how novel that sounds) it was more like fog. There is an ever so slight breeze touching me right now. And a big drop of dew just fell on this ipad screen. My coffee tastes good. My feet are screaming from my neuropathy. Knees are hurting. Nose dripping. And i gotta pee again. Life is good today. I would love to have the body i had back the last time i was out on the cape, with the age and wisdom i have at 62. That would be the perfect thing. But aint happening. So i will shuffle on off to the bathrooms, think about taking a shower, i may wait til lat,er in the day. Just what the doctor ordered for me. Peace and quiet. Outdoors. Loving it.