It aint the same cape

went to head of the meadow. It is now a bathing beach. Yeah this time of the year no fee and not many people, but still. It is not wilderness anymore. I guess that is what 43 years will do to a seashore paradise.

Camping is quiet. So far. Made a burger on the grill. I heated some chili but threw it out, not in the mood for it. Tomorrow morning i will make a nice big breakfast and then see if i feel like riding. It is hot. Not the 70s i expected. More like upper 80s. Sitting in camp with short sleeves. I expected chill. Guess not. Maybe in a couple weeks when i suggest to mike that we need to go to vermont camping, it will be chillier. But a nice breeze here. 

Wish mr mr was here. But oh well.

Wi fi is spotty, thats ok. It is not even 8:30 and dark dark. Sun went down at 7. The annual march to depression is on target.