a recap for a short vacation

meh. I saw on the second beach day, some seals out in the water, pretty far out. one came in a bit where there were no people pn the beach, looking for a resting place. swam back out, too many people. not that there were a crowd, just a few, but too many for his liking. I watched for sharks of course. water was real calm. almost like the calm before a storm. that was at coast guard beach. I rode the bike from parking lot to the beach. nice little jaunt. next day, sunday, I was at nauset beach. surfers, actually paddle boards surfing. cool. small waves but much more than the previous two days. all the beaches were opened up to beach goers. I guess the lure of making a buck in the summer to maintain the beaches won out over solitude.

at camp, nice meals. nice fire. sat night I never turned on the lantern. just the fire for light. all night, until bedtime at 10. sunday morning the guy from the next camp came over and introduced himself. nice but buggy. came back over again later on, as I am trying to get camp broken down. weird guy. and tuesday when I am home, he gives me a call. how the hell did he get my number? he is from led yard originally, north dakota lately, and was going to some kinda class reunion. I texted him back saying i was not available, but also how did he get my number. not heard back. creepy. 

sunday was going home day, and i had no real plans other than to make my way along the southern road on the way out. I got up the coast a bit to do more discovery, saw a long line of traffic going the other way, off cape, and decided to not go up to truro or north at all but to do the south coast, after going to nauset. The chatham, hyannis towns were so kitschy it was unbearable. but I still would have liked to have stopped, in one of them. did not cuz it was going to be a pain to find parking. I am so lame. nice towns further inland on cape, and then I was off cape with no traffic, seems that the line of traffic was an accident, and I missed going up cape. oh well. maybe I will convince mike to go there this fall sometime. I didn’t really do anything on the vacation other than drive to places and then not go to them. I was lonely. not at all in my space.

work since then has been nice. just the right pace, but still not enough for me to do or stay busy all the time. I am thinking of bringing in my laptop to work on a new design for me. and instead of using wordpress, use perch since I really don’t need WP for my site. Or perhaps use it on one of my other sites. yeah, that’s the ticket. crank up WDG or a niche site. my bike site would be nice. 

oh and mom got the apartment. I don’t want her to leave the house. I want to be able to have her stay there until she dies. it is sad. I am sure she is sad. maybe this tropical storm going thru later this week will make it less sad in that she and I won’t have to worry about this stuff anymore. Just sad though. I want to take her and dad down to the breach way for one final time. I wonder if dad could make the trip? I have to ask someone. I want to have them together in a place they both love. I am just not going to handle this well at all. I know it is best though, I cannot deal with the stress anymore. the stress of the move is making my heart funny again. so I am back to taking my meds on a regular basis. probably good thing. 

and I am still alone.