yeah yeah yeah

doing this daily photo challenge is going to be tough, I can’t always take the camera and hook it out to the macbook and process the RAW images. I want to find a plugin for WordPress that will post the EXIF data from a photo. I’ll look today. There has to be one out there. 

The WDG group is a dilemma. I really cannot participate in it much anymore. The same women who always look for help and who do not support the group, are still doing it. And I have been losing subscriptions left and right. I may try to spend a weekend changing the website over to a buddy press site, and use a forum for the group. and then charge for it. $5 a month. That way the DBKs of the world will pay for the privilege of having help whenever they need it, to make their money. 

and as for any other passions, they are on hold I guess. I really still want to have a bike shop, but how? I joined the gym at work, will do cardio and strength work there. Ride my bike when it is nice enough without the sweltering factor. The trail has no breeze, it is shrouded in trees which is nice to not get sun directly on you, but allows no cooling. ANd the mosquitos are horrendous. Hate having to ride with bug stuff on. I will ride tomorrow though. I need it for the soul.


IMG 0996