long march into the darkness

the leaves have already started turning. My sugar maple has deathgreen leaves with red stems. Other trees have been showing signs of the end for a few weeks. And yesterday as i walked down my stairs, i could smell it. Feel it. Weather people say because of a strong el nino, we may get little snow, but a potential for a big storm or two. Not the almost daily snow like last year. Farmers almanac says snow snow snow. Which i hate. I will have to go to work in the snow, like last year. I survived. But now i will be coming home in the dark, instead of driving into work in the dark. If it was snowing last year, or about to snow, i could drive in early, even hours earlier and camp in the car. Cant do that this year. We will just have to go with the flow. At least i now have an option of taking a bus. 
Pursuit has turned into an exercise in futility. Just face it girl, the man is aspy, and would be difficult at best to deal with. 
Cape vacation is going to be wonderful even if I never leave the campsite. Camp out. Do a whale watch. Walk on the beach. Be disconnected. Stuff that i have wanted to do for so very long. I hope it does not get shit upon by family matters. 
Now off to brunch with barb and chris. Not seen them for so very long.