just sometimes

a ride turns into a start of an awesome day. it continues with some good food, and some shock top.

I took off a short vacation in september. 18th and 21st. wrapped a weekend. I plan on going to the cape and camp out in a tent only campground there. stay two nights, come back and go to the Big E. finally some outside adventure. We’ll sit on head of the meadow beach. ride a rail trail, eat lobsters and fried clams and go whale watching. I have that all planned already, and even though it will be on a saturday, I will finally do this. one more check off. 

work is about to change a little. boss’s last day was yesterday. new boss has no boss experience. should be fun. I will go with the flow. It does open up eventually a better position that I would consider applying for. so some hope of more money here. job is just so damned good though… 

do work now. ballgame tonight