bringing back muscle memory

went to the gym after work. Did 15 minutes on the spin cycle, mainly cuz it has no electronics, just cycling. Then did tricep curls, bicep barbell curls, chest presses, lat plus back and front, delt lifts, then on the treadmill for 5 minutes cool down.

I broke a sweat, a good one. there are some things that you just never forget. gym work is one. at least for me. I’ll go again tomorrow nite after work do legs and core, then take a night off, do two nights and rinse repeat. I love the gym. Not as much as I love to be on the road riding, but the gym is a nice alternative for me. I will work for toning, and weight loss, not muscle building. too damned old for that crap. Don’t think I could build muscle at my age anyway. But gotta lose the 10lbs I put back on by eating good food and not walking around as much. yeah