having a paid day off like this in summer, is sweet. Yesterday i cruised. Nothing special, just enjoyed a perfect day weather wise. I should have ridden, but just did not have the spark. Today, i must ride. Le Tour starts today. I bought the nbc ipad app and i will be able to watch the tour this year. Missing it last year cuz of no tv was a bummer. It is a part of my summer. And this year i will be sneaking it into my day. Work is the best. I hope it can last for three years. Money has not been tight lately, so that is a stress off of me. Mike went to NJ for the weekend, so i am enjoying some loud music and freedom. I think i will cover my thoughts and observations over on riding with a dragonfly of the tour. And see if i can make that blog a public one.

Now to stretch and clean up the house and get my day going. ITT are not exactly exciting to watch.