oh what a night

IMG_0852.JPGSo I ran into mr mr when I walked over to C1. He was doing his rounds, and then kinda hung out while I talked with a couple attendants.  Waiting for me. Nice. We talked. and talked. He is happy for me. And we talked. He let me know that he has been working 6 days too. But on Thursday nights he goes over to the sun and parks on the top floor and does his thing. Made a point of telling me this three times. I take it that he wants me to go hook up with him. When I mentioned that I was going to race book with JK by saying “this guy” he asked right away “what guy?” as in I should not be with others. It was in the way he said it. Asked how old he was. I told him the story of JK and me. Cool. So now I am going to get a firm time for rooftop party, and we have a date. my oh my. Maybe this leaving the woods will get me my goal.

Yeah. Ride today was wet. rain showers, with downpour. We really need a few days of rain, the kind that comes slowly so it seeps into the groun d, and don’t roll off the parched rock hard soil. But I did ride, a bit further I think, didn’t bother with tracking today. I just wish I had a riding partner. one in particular. Bike is caked with dirt, so will need to take care of that soon. Right now it just reminds me that I rode in the rain, because I had a commitment to myself to ride. I will ride twice more before next Sunday. well, maybe once more. We will see. Might be a hectic week. or not. Feel good feel fine. This new job is the right decision, I am so happy.