gotta ride

IMG_0798Not ridden in over a week. So I must ride tomorrow after work. I think I may just go in tonight, Saturday for me. I was going to call in sick and use up my last sick day. but… we will see how it goes after my drive to New Haven to deliver paperwork to DSS for Dad and now Mom. and cuz I want to drive. But going in tonight means a bit of a heavy work night. Got a show to clean up after, and need to play lets make a deal to get an english speaking trash person who can use a radio on my crew. They suspended my only other english speaker male who is physically able to do trash. This part of the job so sucks. The show will be possibly gamblers, lynard skynard. They might gamble. There is a show in the other theater as well, frank sinatra jr. we all know those people will play slots. So things might be busy. at least until 4am. If I go in, I can go see Mark and thank him. I could do that tomorrow night also, will be less stress. I just have to figure out now when I will give notice. I will work the 6th day OT this coming week. And take a vacation day on the 20th so I can go to opening night ballgame on 19th. Inviting Mark to it. Let’s see if he goes. 

And calling in sick would not be a lie. I was sick tuesday night, and I am still sick. sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, raspy throat. It is either an intense case of allergies (do you get congested in the chest with allergies?) or I caught what was going around with the other supers/mgmt. Joe was sick, Emmett was still sick, Queena was sick, coughing and sneezing after she returned from vacation. Maybe the in and out of cold and heat, and cold and heat not only inside the casino but outside weather. Anyway. We see in a few hours if I want to take that sick day now. 

yeah. Excitement and a bit of maybe… fear? Can I do this job? I want to leave Foxwoods on a good note, so if needed I can return in some role, either ESD supervisor or some other position fitting of my talents. Maybe with a few months of this job under my belt, I can be considered for a higher level marketing job at the woods. Or not. I just want to keep options open.