colorado dreaming

Chris is in, visiting. I wish I was going back out west with her. Like I used to do. But then I would not have the pleasure of working at Foxwoods. I would much rather be working.

I visited dad on Thursday. first time I have seen him in a year. yeah, a year. He was the same. He did recognize me, I think. He never actually said my name but I reminded him a lot that I was his daughter. Chris is going today for the first time since she has been here. I just hope to whatever powers that I do not get stuck in a place like that. Been having a few problems with mom, and money. Now to figure this out. It seems every time I get close to getting rid of them, I get sucked in deeper. 

I did get to sleep a wonderful 11 hours non-drug induced the other night, and feel a world better. Now If I could only keep getting the right amount of sleep. unbroken. That sure would be sweet.

I will do a ride tomorrow. Did one Wednesday and the effect has worn off. The only problem with riding in Pachaug on the road, is that it is not long enough. I ride it faster every time I ride. So it has become not invigorating nor worth the drive out there. I will have to start spending more money to go to the Granby trail. uggh. Once a week. Do a ride worth riding. But on a non-forest trail, with skinny tires, no enveloping silence of the trees. Oh well