S’no depression

I have taken the past two nights off from work due to a snow storm. I would not have made it home after monday (sun night) and would have had to probably stay in my car. Last night it was just too snowy and icy to drive. And what did i di yesterday all day? Sleep. And all day sunday. Is it depression? I have had a lingering cold and it is kicking my butt. But i have had no motivation to do anything here. Nothing at all. And i really do not want to go to work. I want a normal job. And i do not want to even have a job, I want my business back! I want to determine when I work and when I dont work. I want no one on my back to perform in a way they feel is right. I want my freedom back.
Ain’t going to happen anytime soon.
My ankle where i hurt it in the thanksgiving day collapse in 2012 is killing me every day. I smacked it with a chair leg at work and it really ramped up. My thigh has started to bother me again. My back and sciatic is gonzo.
I read in a bicycle mag an article about a company that makes panniers. It starts with interviewing a guy fron Berlin bike, an old friend from bbike days, Bruce. I wonder if he needs a bike mechanic. Would need refresher on things, and it is far away, but I wonder what he pays? I know he would hire me in a second. Hmmmmm