I should read instructions.

I went and added some security features for the site, and locked myself out. Back running today
So i go to work saturday. I am assigned fox tower team 4. Again. Mostly non english speakers. Lovely. And i am so lonely there. No one to talk to that i care to talk to. The security is mainly young guys. No women. And no Mark. Boooo
And we got hit with more snow, so i went in early, saturday afternoon, but no room to be had. I was prepared to car camp though. So i did. Slept fitfully. But did sleep. I now have improvements to make on the setup. Froze a bit, this is where a mummy bag is a better choice. Need some sort of padding, and i have that, and some more perm window shades.
Have to put off the teeth adventure this week, not enough money yet. One more week. I will use up the rest of my sick time to heal. Lauren says she will make me meals to eat. I hope so. I cannot wait to be able to once again eat a sandwich with sourdough bread. Or a steak. Or corn on the cob.
Tmrw when i get home, i will finish the application for dads stuff. And then work on moms stuff. Get it over with. Then be done with them and their affairs. But i do miss seeing dad. I just have to haul my ass up there. Bring his great granddaughter to visit. At least once. Maybe he will be lucid.
I have to figure out a way to go clear across the casino to see Mark sometime soon. I miss his smile. We talked weds for quite some time. I think he is no longer upset over my leaving him presents. I almost left him a rose this morning, they were all over the theater. But thought better of it. In case i got assigned to team 1 tonight. I hope i do, but chances are I am outta there. Oh well. Maybe now we can start a relationship?