Dilly dally

I have been up and just lying in bed since 5am. Nothing done other than the last blog post and a cup of chai tea. And i wonder why things never get done, never get finished. Oh wait, i did create a poster in canva. Just some words that came to me and I wrote down, and now have made an inspiration from them. Yeah right.

Last night i was doing my no one is home i play the music loud thing, and realized that all my life i have been performing. Making people believe i was someone. So why did i never see this before? Is my job at foxwoods giving me insight at this old age? Can i actually perform, act? Hmmmmm. I sure as hell am not an artist. Yeah, photography is a good outlet for me, but so hard to capture what i really see. But acting?

3PM. Well I did do my taxes and filed them, got the letter written to DSS requesting a hearing for the nursing home to not send dad home for non-payment, and listening to some music. Just have to go out and mail the letter registered mail. That happens in a few minutes. Oh joy. Then tonight will get the rest of the paperwork done for dad, and maybe maybe tomorrow venture up to granby and get the stuff I need to complete it. So much to get done.