A smile is on the way

If i had been smart I would have done this when I had state insurance. But nooooooo. Miss procrastination had to put it off. Now with very little help from my foxwoods insurance, i have started the process to get me some teeth. So I can smile. So I can eat. So I can get a real job. I will need to somehow come up with 1200 on the day I schedule the extractions, and probably have to use up whatever remaining vacation and sick time I have for the initial recovery, but I will have temporary teeth right away, and then in 6 months when mouth and bones are healed, i come up with another 1200 and get the perms. So that means working for foxwoods for another 6 months. That is the really down side of all of this. I want OUT of there.

More snow on the way. Which sucks for getting into work. My car is not good in snow, and I cannot afford to use my time for snow days. I guess mike will just have to take me into work and home. Oh well.

Ran out of oil overnight. Jed is sleeping downstairs, i hope he is warm enough. I imagine if it is too cold he will come upstairs and ask what the hell is going on. Delivery on its way sometime today. I have to do paperwork for dad today so he does not get kicked out of home. Another ping on MY time. Then explain to mom that i screwed up. But what she thinks is not any concern to me anymore. I have done what i can and more. Enough. Let her take care of it if she does not like how i do it. Or chris or billy. Fuck it. I am going to lose the family, and that is ok by me. Ive done more than my part. Enough already.

Back to sleep now for a half hour, then take jed to work.