pachaug september

There were not many people in Pachaug today. Mainly mosquitoes and dragonflies. I took doggie up there, mainly to sit. She does not walk well on leash, probably her husky genes. or lack of training. I went also to look back on the past 5 years. Jed is released this Friday. I spent a lot of time in Pachaug the first year or so, crying, riding crying some more. I am going to be overcome with joyful tears Friday. I will go see him off, he is headed to his aunts house to live for a while, she is in Milford, close to trains and his potential jobs. He does not want to come back here, too many people he could have trouble with, too many temptations I think. I know I will cry Friday, I get teary just thinking about it. But we move on. I am an old lady now. I creak and moan. I have had more heartbreak in the past 5 years than I deserve. But I go on. 

I am really contemplating leaving the job. I hate working at night. really hate having to work on weekends. Really hate too many things about it. Not a job that I have any passion for at all. It is just the money and the benefits. Yeah, I am a benefit whore. I need them now. I have to get to the dentist soon, and get the work done I need, new teeth. Then I can leave. So the sooner I do that, the better. Sigh

Off to bed, I have to go to work tonight, I hate it.