oh what a week it’s been

IMG 0104actually not really that bad. Mom is finally in hospital, about to head to a rehab place today. I went out early Monday morning for grocery shopping, the help was going to start work at noon. I got back to the sound of the alert people answering. Mom had fallen in the bedroom while I was gone, so she pressed the button. In a way that was good, cuz she needed to have her back checked out. Spent Monday in the ER with her. No hip fracture, nothing there. She was in a lot of pain though. She has spent the last two days now, in a nice private room at hospital. And I have been driving and driving. But that is OK. It means that she is getting the help she needs and maybe in a week, she can come home and won’t be in so much pain. I’ll have the help start when she gets back here.

bamboo breachwayLast Thursday maybe, Lauren and I took a little day trip to the shore, the breach way in Charlestown. A little break from the slums of Norwich. A little place I have heard of for years, the fantastic umbrella factory, was our stop. It was pretty cool Had bamboo growing and that was really cool. We had a nice day. She sure does talk a lot though. Been sober a month. Let’s hope it continues.

Now back to work here. Have to shower and get the day started. Wait on the transport to the nursing home. that should be this morning I hope. Wait wait wait.