the lilacs don’t last long. time has now passed to irises and rhododendrons and mountain laurels. soon the tiger lilies that adorn everyone up in the Granby area mailboxes posts. I like tiger lilies.

a week has passed, and no work in yet. I spent the time figuring out the problems on the WDG backend. Finally got it done. I may have a cheapie little site to get done this weekend, some pay a little on my bills site cash.

and it got hot. July summer hot and humid. oh joy. I’ll do a ride tomorrow, and visit dad, and spend only the day in Granby, come back tomorrow night. Jed visit on Saturday. Niantic natural food store for my staples.

I must paint


  1. Can’t remember if it’s lilies or irises I don’t like.
    Hot. UGH! Too soon.
    Still cold mornings here. Tomatoes and peppers are shrugging their shoulders and saying, “WTF, man.”