Being in a good place

I bet that there are a ton of people already out riding their bikes on the trail. I'm not. I will tomorrow. I promise.

I remembered some of what i wanted to write from the other day. Seems that the same drive produced the same thoughts. And this time i did a voice recording. So one of these days ill put the brief thoughts into prose.

After visit to Jed, Ill head to house, get a bike, and clothes, and then come back here to granby. I guess i should also grab fishing stuff, and go buy a license. Might as well do some fishing this year.

Next on the work agenda is to get the new WDG website running. I launched my new site, just have to work on some blog posts for it. The wdg site has to be slick. Really slick, and modern, and custom. Just have to come up with a feel for it now. I have some ideas.

Off to the day