when is it my turn huh?

just getting frustrated. can’t have my own life, I am tied down to this caregiving. I think that since dad does not need to go on insulin, starting 8/1, I will be doing three days a week up there. maybe Sun/Mon/Tues. move my computers back to norwich so I can get proper work done, maybe even ramp things up a bit. I’ll be done with my rental of this place group88.

Storm coming

It’s just that they are so stuck in their ways, will not try things, will not listen, will not change their life. I have to get them to do their blood sugar monitoring. that is tough, because they forget. conveniently. Don’t seem to forget to eat meals, but their finger sticks, and their medications, yup, they forget that.

I am going to go to Colorado as planned, just maybe for not as long of a stay out there. Maybe have chris stick the camper over at stagecoach, and I can get some gourmet meals into the cooler. go fishing for a few days, and do some picture taking. That may recharge my soul a bit.

and so… now I really really have to get work done and out the door…