oh irritable me

Took the dad to Dr yesterday morning, no insulin shots so that is good news. Puts things into the air though. If I am not here monitoring and regulating what he eats, the sugar will go sky high again. He just will not change his ways. But I cannot stay here. The TV yesterday, ALL FUCKING DAY long drove me batty. I took them out for lunch and a drive, just to get away from the noise. But the rest of the day I had to endure it. Endure is a good word. Last night it was next to unbearable. He turned it off at 10, thank god. I was sleeping like a baby by 11. So nice to finally have some quiet here. Today I will go to that office that I spent so much money for, as my getaway. I want to ride as well today. Mom will make dinner, and they have food for the day. It’s just that once I am done with my day, I will still have to endure the noise this evening. That is unbearable. And depressing to even think about right now.

It’s the usual quiet morning here, the planes started at 6am. and the traffic on the street has picked up. At least it is not the dozen or so school busses.

Now for my day. No thoughts today. Just work. no thoughts at all. If that place had a nice couch, I’d be reading there. Maybe I do some starbucks tonight to read. Anything to escape this noise. anything.