in the grand scheme of things

did a drive yesterday, and was rewarded with some very nice scenes, some quiet, which was needed, and a few wafts of that pine smell. the smell I used to get riding out in Pachaug, and used to smell when out camping. Nice. I really have that bug to get a good bike on the road. I may opt for a steel bike. Some come with composite forks, and while that makes clamping anything to them not an option, it does make for not only road dampening, but less weight. but I dunno. maybe this touring thing is going to be beyond my abilities. or maybe I make it my priority for my birthday next year. Be on the bike in Maine for my 60th. Sounds like a plan. Yeah, that is it. Even if it is partly car camping. Be up there and on my bike, riding. what I love more than anything.

and so a day of not being able to do anything, have dr appt for both today, which means showers and noise. all fucking day. I think after I take them to Dr. we will do a short drive to appease the asshole, then I will do a ride after dinner. it was a beautiful day yesterday, looks that way again today, no heat or humidity. tomorrow will be the same. I hope. Dr appt for dad tomorrow. another no work day. fuck.

and I will decide over the next few days if I am going to splurge on getting a bike. The diamondback looks the best right now. triple crank, which will be good. I just want to see one in person. The Dicks sporting goods up here has only MTB. I can buy it online from them, and use my bill me later account. Maybe the place in Manchester or in waterford will have a demo for me to look at. Hate that it is white, but oh well.

ahhhh the quiet of the morning is so sweet. the coolness of this morning is so sweet. the fact that I am not getting any work done is not sweet. I cannot work at night, the TV is too loud. asshole says he likes it like that. so be it. I may move the big computer back down home and just go there to work for a few days a week. Might as well, ain’t getting any better here. asshole can fend for himself.

and with that…
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