that first peep

Been up since around 2. that was when I heard dad shuffling around in the kitchen. I guess I went to bed early, the TV was on and I could not do any work, so…

Just now I heard the first peeps from some early rising birdie. oh joy. now I really am not going to be able to go back to sleep. And it will suck big time all day long. Have to go see Jed today, that is a long drive, and the visiting room is so friggin loud too. Not great. I think I am going to tell him every other week for visit, cuz now it is far away. If I was home, it would be no problem. God i miss being home. I think after Monday and the Dr assessment of his diabetes, I may decide to go back home. Let them live how they want to, and if it means they pass, they pass.

They are both too stubborn or lazy I can not figure out which right now. When I did finally get them up yesterday morning, mom was again all out of it, and I had to get her started again. She does not understand about eating properly, or regular or the snack thing. She is lazy, will not get out of her damned chair all day long. I plopped a bunch of laundry down in the chair Thursday evening, I can home yesterday afternoon, it was still there. And all the dishes were still there in the sink. Both just sat on their asses all day long. Oh her back hurts her. Yes it feels better if she takes tylenol. but she does not take tylenol. I asked her if Aleve makes it feel better, and she said yes, actually better, but she is allergic to it. I ask her how she found out about that and she said one time she took it and had bumps on her back. One time. she is a hypochondriac. She always has been. She likes to suffer.

Crap, it seems all I do is bitch about them.

Went to group88 yesterday to work, got only a little bit of work done. Not sure why, but… the desk situation is not good, the desk I was on yesterday was more like a skinny table. Almost the right height, but not deep enough to be a desk. I am going to ask about a different desk. I think as soon as that is squared away, I can do real work there. I have to try to get some stuff done this weekend, but I doubt that will happen, with the TV noise and such. Sucks.

try to go back to bed for a little bit now.. I can see outside, oh joy. dawn is coming. yay…