ooo child things are going to get easier

yeah right

Mom forgot to snack after eating last night and she had a cheddar cheese sandwich for lunch, late. fatty food like these before you eat dinner, a lean lo carb dinner, helps to keep that sugar low. So around 10, she was woozy. had to pump her with OJ. I have not yet tried to get her up this morning. I thought that yesterday morning she was a bit low, but was not, actually a bit high. I suspect that she ate something when she got up, before I knew she was up. All the signs were there though. Not wanting to get up, pee bed etc…

I am not a fucking nurse. I am getting really tired of this. really really tired.

Now I have to wait until I have them up and running before I can go into the office to get work done. Fucking wonderful. It’s fucking 9am and they are both still in bed. This so totally totally sucks. Fuck this.