chasing down money

I really really wish that clients would pay on time. Yeah, I get to work in my jammies if I want, and don’t have a nasty commute in the winter, or have to deal with office politics, but trying to get my money from clients, especially long-time clients who think you can wait a month to get paid, is the darkside of being self employed in a creative business.


I need to eat, and I have two clients who are being moved to the “retainer for my services” mode because of their consistent late payment. One told me over a week ago he’d pay his meager bill. He was away at the time. He pays by paypal, and has an iphone and ipad and laptop, and could simply open up one of them and pay. Now I have to get nasty and send him his third request. This sucks. It’s not like he is poor, his services START at $100/hr. And is ALWAYS busy. But for some reason he treats my services as not important. HATE THIS PART OF THE BUSINESS! First invoice went out on Mar. 15, then again 27th, and April 3. Damn, so this is his 4th notice. It is a bill for fucking $50! that’s it?