When you get so tired

Decided to do what i have been saying i would do: finished bringing zenfishing.com/break totally over here, pointed both posterous spaces here, and deleted the entire zenfishing.com site. At least until i can figure out what to do with it.

So for posting from ipad, using blogsy. It keeps fucking crashing. Think i will try thebdefault wp app.

And i am tired. Oh so tired of having to do so much for others. Driving lauren everywhere. Going to granby and driving mom to doctors and pt. so tired. I hope i don’t burn out,that does no one any good. But today i feel that is what is happening. I need to focus on my business, on getting things done. On getting business in the door. So much. At times i think i need to just go take a real job. And work on select projects. Then no one will assume that since i am “home” i can just go do things.

Think i am just being bitchy. No, being real me. My back hurts