Tuesday morning

Had a bad night of sleep, but did not torture myself by looking at clock. Finally at 7:30got up. And what do my eyes see? Thunderheads. So with coffee in hand, i lowered the canopy down, but not all the way. If it gets windy, iwill. But i hope to be able to sit out here and ride it out. Thunder is rolling and it is drpping out. Maybe it will be short. God i hope so.
Had dinner wuth chris last night, and we finally got the fire going, just before she had to leave. So i stayed up as long as i could. Laid in bed doing posts, and reading, but even then 10 was my limit, so i expected to be up early, ordo like i did, sleep a bit, etc.
Just had some lightning close. This might be interesting. It does look like it is lighter skies in the west, so maybe just a passer by.
Ok so at 8:05 it seems the thunder has passed. I sure hope that was the only one. Crap, rumble just then in the west. Doesn’t look dark thunderly. We’ll see. Now to make breakfast and figure out what i want to do in the event that it does not rain. Hardy har. Kinda sucks cuz i have no wayto getweather map. Awwww yeah, have to deal with it like it used to be. But, what is the value of the technology and such if it cannot be used? We don’t live in the old days anymore. Yes it is good to have the knowledge of how to do things without technology, but unless there is something like no power or such, why? I see no sense. Use the tools available. Maybei won’t use facebookas much, i already cut way down, and g+ is kinda annoying, and for me unfocused. Maybe i have to organize it better. Dunno.
Anyway. My shoulder is sore, i have a tingly right hand, and i think i want to go back to bed.