Officially summer

Saw fireflies last night in the big field here at pachaug. So summer has arrived. Had a miserable sleep. Damp. Aching body. Cold. Unlike the damp, aching body hot of the first night. I really need to think first before i go to bed. And get a fucking cot to sleep on.
 Think i may camp next weekend. Definitely more often this year. I totally enjoy the quiet.
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Camp time

Decided on spur of moment yesterday while riding to camp this weekend. Today it rained of course so no dry kindling for the bunch of somewhat damp wood. I did get a fire started from shreds and some i think horsehair in my old kit. The flint and striker were a zero spark, i must practice. But the good ole striker i bought fired it up. Then i got the wax sticks going. Small fire not enough kindling to get the coals going. Im about to turn in.
 Campground is kinda deserted. Must be because it rained. Or the no alcohol rule. Coyotes are making noise. Uggh
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Skills class

I learned some basic knots. I made fire. I made a shelter. Yeah i can do this.
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Work and play

So i am doing a wilderness survival skils course tomorrow. Yay me. It should be interesting if i can actually make fire.
 This will never be used unless i somehow get money so i can retire and actually have a body left so i can do outdoors things. We can hope. It will be another two years before i get more PTO, 40 more hours a year. Maybe then i will take a larger block of days off for adventure. But until then I am relegated to taking long weekends. Which in reality is not bad and more affordable. Sigh
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It is only

Moving mom has been difficult. But had to be done. I have a hard and time consuming chore ahead in the title 19 application. But it has to be done.
 Tonight i hope to be able to get all the smaller stuff out. We will see.
 Why is it me?
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haiku for april

Hushed flowers bouquet
 Peepers screaming all the night
 Rains drop noisily
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Squirrel Logic

Saw a squirrel in a tree running out a branch. It bent down the further the tree rat went. Alongside the road was a power pole, connected to the main lines across the street. The grey thing transitioned easily from branch to pole to wire and crossed the road. No stupid “should i go or should i go back” hesitation while on the road. Smart evolutionary progress.
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bike show

I went to the handmade bike show in Hartford last Saturday. Let’s just say I was in heaven. SOOOOOOOOO many beautiful bicycles. So many “I want” that I felt like I was becoming boring. Truly some great builders out there. I will become one. Two years ago I looked into frame building classes. And I have been looking for the perfect retirement business. My bike shop. Local bike repair, a blend of family bikes and all road bikes. Located in Griswold or Voluntown. In my garage. and I will build frames. I want to make small sized frames, for us small people. and women. want to make a nice 531 mite, for the discerning female (or male) rider. Randonneur style. I think I can do it for a few years. Yes?

my pics are up at Flickr


Last week when i was driving home, i notices there was a slice of sun on the horizon. My heart swelled with happiness. The next night there was a larger slice. Last night there was a whole orb above the horizon, blazing through the slices of clouds. I may be able to ride after work next week. If i go straight to the forest and have my lights on. Joy
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fuzz head

my grandson is 6 months old.

IMG 2318