Skills class

I learned some basic knots. I made fire. I made a shelter. Yeah i can do this.
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Work and play

So i am doing a wilderness survival skils course tomorrow. Yay me. It should be interesting if i can actually make fire.
 This will never be used unless i somehow get money so i can retire and actually have a body left so i can do outdoors things. We can hope. It will be another two years before i get more PTO, 40 more hours a year. Maybe then i will take a larger block of days off for adventure. But until then I am relegated to taking long weekends. Which in reality is not bad and more affordable. Sigh
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It is only

Moving mom has been difficult. But had to be done. I have a hard and time consuming chore ahead in the title 19 application. But it has to be done.
 Tonight i hope to be able to get all the smaller stuff out. We will see.
 Why is it me?
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haiku for april

Hushed flowers bouquet
 Peepers screaming all the night
 Rains drop noisily
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Squirrel Logic

Saw a squirrel in a tree running out a branch. It bent down the further the tree rat went. Alongside the road was a power pole, connected to the main lines across the street. The grey thing transitioned easily from branch to pole to wire and crossed the road. No stupid “should i go or should i go back” hesitation while on the road. Smart evolutionary progress.
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bike show

I went to the handmade bike show in Hartford last Saturday. Let’s just say I was in heaven. SOOOOOOOOO many beautiful bicycles. So many “I want” that I felt like I was becoming boring. Truly some great builders out there. I will become one. Two years ago I looked into frame building classes. And I have been looking for the perfect retirement business. My bike shop. Local bike repair, a blend of family bikes and all road bikes. Located in Griswold or Voluntown. In my garage. and I will build frames. I want to make small sized frames, for us small people. and women. want to make a nice 531 mite, for the discerning female (or male) rider. Randonneur style. I think I can do it for a few years. Yes?

my pics are up at Flickr


Last week when i was driving home, i notices there was a slice of sun on the horizon. My heart swelled with happiness. The next night there was a larger slice. Last night there was a whole orb above the horizon, blazing through the slices of clouds. I may be able to ride after work next week. If i go straight to the forest and have my lights on. Joy
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fuzz head

my grandson is 6 months old.

IMG 2318

yeah so i forget

IMG 1766 

Maine is friggin beautiful. Yeah it rained and I got in only one day of bike, not even a full day, a whopping 13 miles. But oh it was a glorious 13 miles.

All I can say is that had I know how far up that hike in site was, I would have opted for the regular site for the full stay. Spent too much time hiking up and down half mile each way. But is was a nice view up there. real nice. 

Schoodic woods campground is awesome. Schoodic woods side of acadia is awesome. I did get some real nice pics, probably will load everything on flickr to use that space. Have a couple I think already on Instagram. I think. uggh.

anyway, I am def doing camping there again next september. and I will do a full week. too nice.

Since then I have explored a campsite in MA, not to my liking. Going to try to see one other one this weekend, way up in MA. I like to drive.

and I need more time off. uggh


vacation at last

monday i head to Maine. It will probably rain all week, but I don’t care. yeah I do care. Camping in the rain sucks. but I need the break from all of this.

Photo a day did not start yesterday. soooooo